All About Co-Spaces

The beginning of a sharing era


Working from any place made easy

Want to work while away from office?

Shareous provides access to a collaborative working experience in locations near to you with attractive pricing and round the clock essential amenities. Choose the best suited property for you from Cubicles, private rooms, Dedicated desks, lounge or fancy open areas and co-work without a dip in your comfort.

Pro tip: Why meet clients in coffee shops when shareous provides you an office away from office?



Redefine ways to share culture

Get back home with fascinating stories and experiences by being part of a family. Share a house today to earn, learn and unlearn few things. Feel the essence of being surrounded by people from different ethnicity.

Pro tip: Rules and regulations are a part and parcel of every house.



Warehouse storing evolved

Storing goods in warehouse has never been easier. With an advantage of short duration storage, Advance- free booking, store your goods in a defined number of slots. Properties available at various prime industrial locations and sometimes ever a door step away, to meet your co-storing needs.